Tom Zeiser - Speaker, Author, & Professional Pilot


Tom Zeiser earned his wings in 1972 and became a flight instructor shortly thereafter. To quench his yearning for adventure Tom accepted an opportunity to become a bush pilot flying a Twin Otter in the North West Territories and the high Arctic. This experience led him to the aerial survey business where Tom was involved in projects such as surveying the Bay of Bengal, searching for oil in Morocco, and studying the migrating habits of caribou. He also spent several seasons tracking icebergs off of the East coast of New Foundland as well as studying the flow of pack ice circumnavigating the Arctic.

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It was a pleasure watching Tom present. He had an instant rapport with the audience. Tom's confident, engaging and humorous style of delivery held everyone's interest to the end.

Michael Kerr, CSP, HoF (Hall of Fame), Author and Professional Speaker