Soaring Sales - Sales training for flight instructors and anyone who wants to soar


Sales training for flight Instructors and anyone who wants to soar

Capturing a page of creativity from Jonathan Livingston Seagull, this is a book guaranteed to improve your interpersonal and sales skills regardless of industry.

With a forward by Randy Chute, author Tom Zeiser breaks down the sales process into components, includes exercises to help learn these steps in detail, and offers an understanding of how to use these strategies in any situation.

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Soft cover, 6”X 9” / 215

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How does being a successful pilot and a successful salesperson tie together? Well, to answer that you have to meet Tom Zeiser.

...Tom has an unusual ability to integrate his passion for life (flying) and his ability to engage people in determining their needs. He then helps them find solutions that meet their needs.

...He has developed the unique skill-set to be able to come alongside people and intently listen to what they are saying before he provides a thoughtful response. This has contributed largely to where he has progressed to today - a successful pilot and a published author.

...Read this book and start improving your sales skills today!

Randy Chute

At last… a Canadian guide to help flight instructors in that one area we often fail to teach: How to communicate to prospective students, convey that passion they have and sign up a prospective student who has walked through the door. This guide provides ideas on how a flight instructor can ensure they are busy, build their student base, and make themselves an asset to both their firm and their own students.

Pat Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer
Pacific Flying Club