Tom Zeiser earned his wings in 1972 and became a flight instructor shortly thereafter. To quench his yearning for adventure Tom accepted an opportunity to become a bush pilot flying a Twin Otter in the North West Territories and the high Arctic. This experience let him to the aerial survey business where Tom was involved in projects such as surveying the Bay of Bengal, searching for oil in Morocco, and studying the migrating habits of caribou. He also spent several seasons tracking icebergs off of the East coast of Newfoundland as well as studying the flow of pack ice circumnavigating the Arctic.

In 1985 tom took a hiatus from aviation to cultivate his talent for sales – rising to middle management and acting as sales trainer for a major Canadian sales organization. Realizing that flying was his passion, Tom re entered the world of aviation to fly cargo and as a bird dog pilot battling forest fires in the North West Territories.

Making Calgary his home Tom entered the world of corporate aviation and untll its demise was the Flight Operations Manager at MBE Jet ltd. flying a Beechcraft Premier 1A out of the Calgary International airport. Today Tom still Captains the Premier 1A as well as a Citation 560 Ulta based in Calgary.

Tom has developed two on-line E-Courses. The “PEGASUS Passenger Safety Briefing” addresses the many safety aspects of flying on a light to medium aircraft out of the executive terminals. “Skies are Safe” is an information package describing what takes place behind those closed doors to ensure your comfort and safety as you take to the skies for business or pleasure.