Aviation Passenger Safety Briefing

Traditionally the concept of safety in air transportation lies with the air carrier, and more specifically with the air crew providing the safety briefings. However, corporate due diligence has influenced a change in this philosophy. Safety has become the responsibility of everyone involved in air transportation.

The purpose of the Passenger Safety Briefing  is to turn passengers into members of the on board safety team.

Through an online or live presentation, Tom Zeiser will inform you of the safest way to conduct yourself in an aircraft environment during normal or abnormal operations by  BEING PREPARED.

As a 40 year veteran pilot based in Alberta, Tom has observed the high volume of air travel on light to medium aircraft departing from the executive terminals. This has become the preferred mode of transportation of the petroleum industry.

These safety concerns and protocols are continually challenged in the unique environment of transporting staff to and from remote areas such as Grand Prairie, Bonneville or Ft. McMurray. It is of paramount importance that passengers be made aware of the potential hazards involved in the day-to-day operations of these aircraft.

Join Tom as he delivers a comprehensive safety briefing which goes behond the typical to include topics such as what to pack or more importantly what not to pack, as well safety concerns as you cross the ramp, boarding, deplaning and other normal protocols of a routine flight. In addition Tom will review the vital emergency procedures that every passenger must know when traveling to and from their workplace destinations.

Who Should Attend

  • All Charter Airline Passengers
  • Executive Travelers
  • All travelers in the:
    • Oil and Gas Industry
    • Mining Industry
    • Forestry Industry

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I think the content is exactly what is needed to convey the importance of passenger responsibilities whilst travelling. The categories are well organised and logical with the pop up boxes to give an instant summary view.

Bill Grainger
Operations Manager, Airborne Solutions

...to have a prepared load of passengers, boy that would give me a warm fuzzy feeling if things got out of hand.

The information in your presentation is to the point, covers everything a northern traveler needs to know...

Dirk Migchels
Chief Pilot, Kos Air