Sales Training for Flight Schools

Developed specifically for flight school owners and their staff, Sales Training for Flight Schools is guaranteed to improve the interpersonal and sales skills of flight instructors and front end staff, resulting in a direct increase in student enrollment and profits. Tom believes that although instructors may be excellent in the air, most could improve their sales skills on the ground. Tom utilizes proven techniques in this extensive seminar to motivate and teach instructors and other staff members how to inspire students to live the dream of flying by enrolling and completing training at their school.

Seminar Content

Modeled after the training program of a large and successful retail chain but adapted specifically for the aviation industry, this eight-hour seminar offers a detailed overview of the basic tactics involved in making a sale. Tom breaks down the sales process into various components, offering interactive exercises to identify and study these steps in detail, and then gives you an understanding of how to use these strategies effectively in your everyday life. Actively participate in learning exercises to discover specific sales steps for the aviation industry including:

  • Attaining Realistic Goals
  • Overcoming Objections
  • The Intro Flight as a Sales Tool
  • Closing the Sale

It was a pleasure watching Tom present. He had an instant rapport with the audience. Tom's confident, engaging and humorous style of delivery held everyone's interest to the end. -- Michael Kerr, Author and Professional Speaker

Achieve greater success for everyone at your flight school:

  • Increase profits for flight school owners
  • Increase flight hours and pay for instructors
  • Satisfy students who will then recommend your school to others

Tom Zeiser recognizes that these are the goals of most flight schools but understands the challenges faced in reaching them.

Who Should Attend

  • All Flight Instructors
  • Flight School Owners
  • All Support Staff


We were talking about the students that got away ...your solution was to phone him and remind him of the dream. I did just that...

Chris Bakker, Flight Instructor
Centennial Flying School

Soaring Sales by Tom Zeiser is a very comprehensive sales course specifically designed for flight instructors. I found it to be simple and nicely tailored to the demands of the Springbank Aero flight school. Tons of stories also pertinent to the course giving clear examples of the teaching points tom was making. And hey, the two days after, I used the assumption close to sign up two students! I will be looking to bring Tom again to teach the course to new instructors as they come up! Thank you, very informative.

Dominic Boisvert, Chief Flight Instructor
Springbank Aero Flight Training