Your Ultimate Business Tool

Utilizing Your Personal Business Jet

Far more than a transportation tool, your private office or a unique venue to entertain guests; your personal jet is a time machine transporting you to meetings hundreds of miles away at just under the speed of sound in luxury and style. Imagine this scenario:

It’s 7:30 in the morning and as you sip your morning coffee you chuckle at the realization that only 45 minutes ago you arrived at the executive terminal and immediately to the door of your personal jet.  Now you and two of your associates are strategizing the forthcoming meetings while rocketing along at Mach .79 en route from Montreal to Toronto. As you pull into the executive terminal a car is approaching the aircraft poised to wisk you to the meeting with time to spare.

The meetings yielded positive results with optimism for a speedy closure to the deal. After lunch you your client and 2 associates board the jet bound for Winnipeg and a dinner meeting. This 2:17 minute flight enables you to review the positive details of the presentation and to sway the client to within a pen stroke of closing the deal.

During dinner you are made aware that your client is Calgary bound the next day where he and his wife will board a commercial flight overseas. Your offer to fly them to Calgary is enthusiastically accepted. He then suggests that you arrange for the papers to be sent to his lawyer and the deal is closed.

Unlike any other business tool your corporate jet is a necessity that will enhance your bottom line and deliver a statement of success to all of your associates.


Tom Zeiser



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With over 30 years in the aviation industry, Tom Zeiser is a corporate pilot, public speaker, author of the book "Soaring Sales" and instructor of an on-line safety course called "The Passenger Safety Awareness Program.”  Tom has spoken at numerous events in Canada and the United States and is featured regularly in news articles relating to the aviation industry.  Tom is available for public speaking events and private training sessions.